2018 Shiba National Specialty - Gray Summit, Missouri

Very special thanks to the generosity of our current sponsors!

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The NSCA National Specialty is not just a dog show - it is an annual gathering of those interested in sustaining and improving the Shiba as well as a social and competitive event. Your sponsorships are the primary source that covers the cost of prizes, ribbons, and rosettes for the NSCA National and other expenses not covered by entry fees.

If every club member donated $25, the entire cost of prizes/rosettes/ribbons would be covered.

Sponsorships are accepted from individuals, groups, and clubs. Booster, memorial, and “in honor of” sponsorships are encouraged consistent with AKC policies.

Diamond Sponsorship Donation of $200 or more
Platinum Sponsorship Donation of $150 - $199
Gold Sponsorship Donation of $100 - $149
Silver Sponsorship Donation of $50 - $99
Bronze Sponsorship Donation of $25 - $49

To become an NSCA sponsor, please click on the Donate button above, or complete the sponsorship form found here:

Sponsorship Form

Submit completed form via email to NationalSponsor@shibas.org

Or via postal mail to:

Kim Hoberg
1610 S. Royce St.
Sioux City, IA 51106

Donations made via PayPal should be sent to NationalSponsor@shibas.org